New Idea for Gatorade

Gatorade has recently introduced "Gatorade Tiger," which is "inspired by, and formulated for, an athlete who embodies mental strength, physical power, and technical perfection." It comes in three flavors Red Drive, Cool Fusion, and Quiet Storm. Tiger has reportedly received close to 100 million dollars for his endorsement.

This is the first Gatorade named after an athlete, but as Gatorade continues its push to be more than a sports drink, with products like G2, "the low-calorie electrolyte beverage designed for athletes off the field."

May I suggest, Gatorade Marmie as an addition to the line. Flavors would include, The Best, Cover 2, and Larry's Lemon Lime. This Gatorade is for those who settle for nothing less than the best. After all, Marmie is so well thought of that in 1993 he was chosen to teach an instructional video for the Science of Coaching Football Video Lecture Series, called "Linebacker Drills and Techniques." What this fact illustrates is the deep respect Marmie commands within the coaching ranks. Every coach in the NFL, college, and on down the line will be reaching for a Gatorade Marmie to stay hydrated. There is a lot of money in it for Gatorade. Sure Marmie may cost a little more to get than Tiger, but I can almost guarantee that even if Gatorade charged $15 a bottle, that Gatorade Marmie would not be able to last five minutes on any store shelf within a 30,000 mile radius of St. Louis.

Here's to hoping that in the near future, everyone can enjoy an ice cold Gatorade Marmie.