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With the second pick, the St. Louis Rams select...

Update [2008-4-1 7:55:3 by VanRam]: Here's the link for the Rams second pick.

The SBNation mock draft got underway today, and will continue through the next couple weeks over at Mocking the Draft.

With the first pick, Matt, from the Dolphins blog the Phinsider, selected Virginia DE Chris Long.

Based on our conversations and the team's needs, I went with Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State. Like we said, this gives the Rams a player that  can be really special on the d-line, and as we saw in the Super Bowl this season, a good d-line/pass rush can do wonders for a team's defense.

The pick and analysis from Mocking the Draft's Matt Miller, who also owns New Era Scouting, will be up around 8 p.m. Eastern. Head over there for the full scoop. I'll have the exact link as soon as it goes live.