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Brown out?

Do the Rams know something about Fakhir Brown that we don't? Is there a shoe somewhere hanging by a few fraying threads ready to drop? Did you catch this in today's PD article about the Rams free agent moves?

It appears that the Rams are looking for cornerback help because of concerns about the long-term availability of Fakhir Brown. Brown missed four games at the start of the 2007 for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Another violation could lead to a one-year suspension.

First of all, if Brown violated the league policy again, he's an idiot. I've said before that the Rams need add quality depth at CB, but concerns about Brown might make that more of a priority financially. That does however leave the Rams in a lurch, down a starting CB. I would have liked to see them sign Jacques Reeves, but at $4 million a season, I just don't know that it was worth it. The same PD article mentions the possibility of trading for Lito Sheppard, who's name is now making the rounds on the web trade rumor circuit. Trading for Sheppard wouldn't be cheap. He's only 27 and in six years of play has already amassed 17 interceptions with 3 touchdowns. A trade for the two-time Pro Bowler would likely involve a high draft pick, possibly even a switcheroo in the first round. The Eagles pick 19th. However, since he becomes a free agent after this season, there might be some room to negotiate.

Sheppard could end up being this year's version of the Kris Jenkins rumor.

It's good to see that the Rams just haven't been throwing money at every free agent flying over the city, like their division rivals in SF have done again this season. However, the Rams do seem to be serious about addressing some key needs in free agency. The contract given to Josh Brown and the fact that they made competitive offers for Alan Faneca indicate their seriousness. I'd like to see them make Jacob Bell an offer that makes him a Ram as soon as possible.

Reading between the lines of their free agent intentions, it seems safe to say that they intend to add one of the premier defensive ends available in the draft, Chris Long or Vernon Gholston, if they hang on to the second overall pick. I'm basing this on the fact that there has been no talk of the team pursuing any of the defensive lineman available through free agency.

Rams Rumors

Finally, reports yesterday on Sirius radio had the Rams working on a big trade. No more credible information has since filtered out. I suspect this may be discussions about Lito Sheppard, probably nothing beyond the stages of a starting-point offer - and that's pure speculation on my part.

Previous talk of trading for a nose tackle seems to have faded once Kris Jenkins and Marcus Stroud were traded.

There are also Randy Moss/Culpepper rumors out there. Ignore them. The Rams are already on the hook for quite a lot of money to their top two wide receivers, and aren't looking for a replacement the same age as Holt, much less one that would command even more salary dollars.