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Dude, you're gettin' a Dorsey

Draft time offers a lot of platitudes. Trying to read into what the coaches and front office people are saying is futile, so recent comments that have the Rams interested in LSU DT Glenn Dorsey with their second overall pick in the April draft make me wonder.

Remember, they're also high on Gholston, but don't know about taking him with the second overall pick. And Jake Long is seen by some as a sure thing for the second pick.

In the PD article from Monday, there was some speculation that their interest in Dorsey could intensify.

If Dorsey's healthy, he could shoot to the top of the Rams' draft board. Right now, that's a big if.

"We really like him a lot," Linehan said. "We've got to make sure on a lot of stuff on him. ... I think you've got to see him work out."

LSU held their Pro Day yesterday, and Rams defensive coordinator Jim Haslett was in attendance. Dorsey, after missing the Senior Bowl and workouts at the Combine, had a lot riding on his workout in Baton Rouge. Seems like he put to rest the doubts and rumors about his health that had become so common in the wake of the college football season.

Hashmarks has the wrap on his workout results; let's just say they were solid.

Two things stand out here. First, is this quote from an unnamed pro scout in attendance.

"I know people talk about the injuries, but we're not too worried. He's the type of kid who won't come off the field unless you make him."

Set aside the question of whether or not the Rams should take a DT in the first round. The Rams have had problems with guys not giving 110% in the past (jimmy Kennedy anyone?) and having guys that won't quit can do a lot for the team.

Then there's this nugget from an NFC scout:

"He reminds you a little of Warren Sapp when he was younger. I could see him turning into a pretty impressive pass-rusher from the tackle spot, but he could also slide down and play some defensive end in the 3-4."

And that, my friends, likely explains the Rams interest. Hell, I almost wonder if that's not Haslett himself or at least someone in the Rams entourage.

Here's a video of Dorsey working out at pro day.

Thoughts about drafting Dorsey now?