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Brandon Chillar, we hardly knew ya

I hate to see Brandon Chillar go. He may never have been a hall of fame LB, but he was a solid contributor. I'm kind of shocked that the Packers signed him though after reports yesterday seemed to take that option off the table.

The one year, $1 million offer from the Rams obviously wasn't serious. It's a gimmick bid, sort of like bidding a buck on the Price Is Right "first item up for bids" part of the show. That offer was only a $250K bump to his '07 salary of $850K, and he clearly deserved more when you factor in his performance and the free agent market this season. The Rams, however, did say that they felt he was more easily replaced, maybe with a draft pick on the first day or Quinton Culberson. I will say this though, the Rams don't have much cap space, a second overall pick that will likely take a 6 year/$60 million deal to sign, and some huge, huge team needs where LB just wasn't one of them.