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Priciest leg in the business

How much is a kicker worth? $14.2 million is a lot of money, but Josh Brown, who the Rams made the league's highest paid kicker this weekend, should provide the kind of results you'd expect. And what kicker doesn't want to play at least half his games in a dome?

The best Rams-related free agency news, though, is the team's pursuit of G Jacob Bell. If they can sign him, he'll mainline some athleticism into the middle of the Rams interior line. I would assume Bell replaces Setterstrom on the left side. Wow, having Setterstrom for depth at G versus Milford Brown...that's going to take some getting used to. I'm sure I'll adjust. Bell's 27, and that would make Romberg the grand old man of the interior line at 28-years-old. Incognito will be 25 when the season starts, and Setterstrom will be just 24. Other than Pace, the Rams would have a young o-line that gives the offense a solid foundation for years to come. Makes you wonder about draft Jake Long, the possibilities. However, I'd say signing Bell makes it more likely they opt for one of the d-line talents with the second overall pick.

Wow. Setterstrom as the backup guard and not Milford Brown, life just won't be the same. I'm sure we'll adjust.

I hope the team's not making a grievous error in not resigning Brandon Chillar. Thoughts?

Speaking of Rams linebackers, AmpLee makes a good point about Chris Draft in this diary. Good to have guys like that on the team now that Bruce is a 49er.