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Snapping up the centers: Around the horns in Rams news

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The Steelers signed C Justin Hartwig to a 2 year, $4 million deal yesterday evening.

It's not the end of the world for the Rams o-line. In fact, I'd think they'd probably be fine if they brought back Romberg or made Incognito the center, emphasis on the word "fine" in ok. Still, it's hard to watch a low cost upgrade to the line walk away. But three win teams don't get a discount from free agents.

Another center reported to be on the Rams radar, Casey Wiegmann, is visiting the Donkeys today. Wiegmann is a 14 year veteran which puts on awful lot of miles on lineman's body. After last season, I'm not sure the Rams need to be courting injury risks, discount or not.

Brandon Chillar is expected to make a decision soon, with offers on the table from the Packers, Cardinals and Rams, according to Jim Thomas at the PD. However, this report from the Arizona Republic says the Packers (and the Giants) have opted to pass on Chillar, something that makes sense in light of an earlier report that Green Bay would be devoting resources to a long term deal for Poppinga. Both the PD and the Arizona Republic reports seem to think there's a high likelihood that Chillar could be a Ram again since the dump truck load of money for Larry Fitzgerald's contract hasn't been finalized yet.

Did you catch this item tucked away at the bottom of the Chillar article from the PD:

The Rams have expressed some interest in Tampa Bay free-agent running back Michael Pittman, but Pittman is drawing interest from several other clubs.

Why? Obviously the coaches recall fondly his work in Tampa Bay's passing game. And remember that Art Valero was with TB since 2002, same year Pittman joined the team. I would understand this more if Steven Jackson and Brian Leonard and Travis Minor weren't on the roster already. Minor could be easily cut and replaced with Pittman. Leonard would see blocking duties and probably take most of Steven Jackson's carries should the unthinkable happen. That, of course, would leave the team without a proper fullback, but I suppose they could make due. Anyone else have some insight into why Pittman would be of interest and what the Rams would do if they signed him?

The Raiders finally won the D'Angelo Hall sweepstakes, and Hall will earn a 7 year, $70 million deal, the biggest contract ever handed out to a CB. The Rams need a CB, but the cost in picks for Hall, a 2nd and 6th rounder, was pricey. Hall's attitude makes you wonder, but his ability is real. And at just 24, he's got some miles left on his tires. The opportunity cost would have been big though, leaving a lot less money for the second overall pick and the many other team needs to be addressed via free agency and the draft. Flipping Fakhir Brown would have been hard with drug suspension whispers, and Tye Hill's a keeper. The draft (and hoping Brown doesn't boff another drug test) is probably the Rams best route for a new CB, and I'm thinking more and more that if there's a blue chipper in the second round we should take him.

But we'll talk about the second round a little bit later today.