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Getting quiet

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No news is good news, right?

Not unless you need a starting center. Recently cut Carolina C Justin Hartwig, who the Rams have expressed interest in, will pay a visit to the Chiefs this week. Late last week he visited the Steelers. KC has the cap room to make him an offer.

The Packers seemed like Brandon Chillar's new team, but reports over the weekend seem to think that they'll put their resources into a long term deal for LB Brady Poppinga. The two sides were apparently far enough apart on contract terms that Green Bay seems to have walked away. How much does the guy want? How much would he be worth to the Rams?

You've got to look really hard to find much Football content on the web right now, especially draft related. I did find one interesting article at Football Outsiders discussing sacks and the effect on performance, something that should ring familiar with Rams fans after last season.

Back at you later.