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TST Mock Draft - Round Two

The TST mock draft continues with Round Two.

Pick-wise, the Rams have the first pick of the second round, since New England forfeited a first round pick thanks to the whole video taping thing. So, with an early pick in the round the Rams have a chance to get some high-level talent that fills one of the key needs going into the 2008 season. Roughly, those needs encompass a DE, OL, WR, CB, LB, and DT. The degree of need at each position is subject to interpretation, to say the least. Based on our community vote and discussion for round one, let's assume for the sake of argument the Rams take a DE (Gholston or Chris Long) with their first pick. Without much doubt though, that pick fills a big need for the Rams, bolstering their defensive front.

So which need do they try and fill in the second round? Supposedly, this isn't a great draft for top-flight receivers, but since the Rams have Holt and Bennett could they find a talent who can develop without much pressure under the tutelage of those two and Al Saunders, someone fast enough to stretch the field and tough enough to play in the slot? It's a great draft for offensive tackles. Can we find the future LT with this pick? We've talked lots about OTs and WRs in the second round, but adding a CB or SS is a definite need and a key ingredient toward making the defense respectable this season.

Anyway, this pick is a little more exciting since it's way more wide open than the first round, where there are basically four or five players worth considering with the second overall pick. It also means there's a little research involved. Because of that, here are some helpful links that even the most draft-phobic football can will enjoy.

NFL Draft Scout: I like this site, because it ranks players at each position and gives the appropriate round where the player is worthy of being selected.

This Mock draft data base gives you a rundown of all the draft sites...for the Redskins. But, you can use it to easily find mock drafts with more than one round.

Here's the player profiles for players in the draft this year.

Round Two at

DraftTek has all seven rounds projected.

We'll leave the thread/polls open through midweek, depending on response, and then tally it up. That ought to give us a fair picture of what round two might shape up to be for the Rams. Have a good weekend.