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Rams "wine and dine" Jake Long

Gonna have to settle for a morning quickie. I'm working on pulling together and writing up the results from the first round pick discussion, lots of good ones btw, and will have that for you around lunch time. We'll make round two our weekend discussion.

Here's some links to keep your mind off work this a.m.

  • SF making Isaac Bruce their #1 receiver makes sense. They get the leadership for the younger guys on offense. They also get a #1 receiver who knows Mike Martz' offense pretty well and can bring the other guys up to speed on how it works. I'll be interested to see how another season of big changes plays out in SF.

  • Don Banks' mock draft at SI has the Long boys drafted first and second, with the Rams taking Jake. However, he does mention Gholston as a possible top pick for the Dolphins. Could the second overall pick really be considered a stretch now?

  • The Rams met with Jake Long, "wined and dined" him to be exact, last night. Linehan, Devaney, Softli, and Jay Z were all there too. Wonder if playing guard for a season came up? The speculation is now that Jake Long won't make it past the top three picks, and John Clayton said yesterday that Miami will take Jake Long. Hat tip to Arrowhead Pride.

Okay, that's enough to chew on for a few hours. Community first round pick analysis coming up in few hours.