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What about Pacman?

Truthfully, there wasn't much the Rams could have done in free agency. After last year's spending spree proved to be fruitless, signing guys to contracts well above their ability level just isn't a judicious use of funds for a team with limited cap space and a second overall pick likely to command a contract on par with even the priciest free agents. The only difference is that there's a high likelihood that the second overall pick in the draft becomes a franchise cornerstone for years to come. This Mike Sando piece at ESPN underscores the emerging wisdom that the best free agent policy is a limited one. See 49ers, 2007 free agent moves.

Taking a low cost flyer on players is never a bad move though. And at the risk of being unpopular, I can't help but wonder if the Rams ought to at least kick the tires on...Pacman Jones. Other teams are awaiting word on Jones' reinstatement by the league. Matt Mosely at Hashmarks thinks that someone could take a flyer on the troubled cornerback with a one year image rehab contract. If the team that signs him makes it very explicit that he's cut as soon as he so much as gets pulled over for doing 55 in a 54, the risk/reward potential is pretty good. Throw in some incentives and you could really have a deal on your hands.

Still reading? Hear me out on one more thing re: Pacman. I realize signing a high-profile troublemaker risks alienating even more of the Rams dwindling fan base. However, that fan base is dwindling because the team's failure to win games. A beefed up defensive backfield (the Rams need a CB, don't forget, esp if Fakhir Brown fails another drug test) to go along with other defensive improvements coming via the draft could certainly add to the Rams win total. That would bring enough ticket buying fans back to the EJD to more than offset the popularity costs of signing a marquee ass wad of Pacman's caliber.

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