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TST Mock Draft - Round 1

The offseason's kind of like 40 days in the desert, 40 long, brutal days. On the horizon, the draft is the next event of note for NFL fans. We've had a lot of great discussion about the draft here perusing mock drafts across the web and filtering article after article about the various prospects.

It's time to have a draft of our own.

Starting today with Round 1, pick #2, I thought we might as well try to get a Rams fan consensus going, or something approximating that, ahead of the draft. Here's how it will work. WE'll vote in the comments by naming our selection for the round/pick, starting with the first round, second pick today. In addition to naming your choice, offer an explanation of why you feel the Rams should pick that player. It would look something like this:

Vernon Gholston - The Rams need help now with their pass rush. Gholston gives them a young DE with an unstoppable motor who'll rack up plenty of sacks in his first year.

I thought about just using the poll, but we really miss out on the discussion part of it, which is by far the most important part. This way also allows you to pick any player you want and make the case. You want McFadden, vote for him and tell us why. Matt Ryan? Same deal.

After we've got a fair amount of responses, I'll tally up the votes and put together a summary of the discussion for the players we chose.

This is round 1, pick #2. For Round 2, pick #33, I'd like to shoot for Thursday or Friday, but that will depend on the response and whether or not any major events happen this week.

Happy drafting.