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Making special teams more special

I certainly wouldn't mind the Rams at least kicking the tires on Dallas strong safety and special teams stud Keith Davis. Davis is an unrestricted free agent looking for more playing time.

Davis would instantly become the Rams special teams leader and bolster an area that's been sagging for what seems like forever. He'd get the playing time he wants too, allowing the Rams to preserve Corey Chavous by limiting the number of snaps he sees each game, a la La'Roi Glover last season.

The likelihood of Trent Green signing with the Rams is growing. There hasn't been any more news about the Rams offer or how closely Green's considering it, but the Packers respectfully declined leaving him with offers from only the Rams and Saints to consider. Given the love fest that happened when Green came to town, I'd have to think he'd choose to wrap up his career here. But I've been wrong on reading between the lines before...

Another special TST draft feature coming this afternoon.