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Guarded Optimism

Looks like guards are finally getting their due.

Good for them.

The Titans put singing a guard back in the headlines today with the news that they signed G Jake Scott, from Indy, to a 4 year deal. He replaces Jacob Bell, whom the Rams signed away to bolster their sagging interior line, as you know.

An interesting article appeared in the NY Times this Sunday discussing the evolution of the interior line's importance. Basically, as the size, speed and abilities of defensive linemen (think Warren Sapp) have evolved the need for quicker, more athletic guards has grown alongside it. It's not unlike the rise of the left tackle in response to dominate rushers on the outside.

Money quote from Alex Gibbs:

"I can get drunks off the highway to play center or guard, but I need a great offensive tackle."

He unintentionally describes the Rams approach to filling an injury-depleted offensive line last season. But I digress. The point is how much the game has evolved and the pace at which it has done so.

It should also underscore just how important the Jacob Bell signing was for the Rams.

BTW, do yourself a favor and read and get involved in this discussion about the upcoming draft. If the Rams had had this kind of knowledge and passion conducting their drafts over the last 10 years, we'd be the Patriots.