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Down time

I'm out of the mix job has me on the road. There are a few things worthy of discussion, even though it's pretty much dead air space as far as the NFL goes for the next week and a half.

Seattle will have a new coach after this season. If the Rams start out the 2008 season like they did the 2007 season, Seattle might not be the first NFC West team to make a coaching change.

It seems early for fantasy talk, but has their ultra preliminary 2008 mock draft. Their fantasy prognosticators must think highly of Saunders and under the assumption that the Rams will fix the o-line next season because they've picked Steven Jackson with the fourth pick, just behind Adrian Peterson and LT.

This is a pretty funny site.

Trading Chad Johnson would still cost the Bengals $8 million toward their salary cap. Not that it's a realistic or sensible option for the Rams, but I'd imagine the cost to another team would be prohibitive as well.

There's not much in the way of rumor about the Rams trading down from the second overall pick in the draft. Don't rule it out though. Teams salivating over McFadden or Boston College QB Matt Ryan could make an enticing offer, and if it nets the Rams two first rounders, I'd think they'd have to at least listen. Here are two mock drafts postulating the idea of a trade. This one has the Rams taking DE Chris Long, while this one has the Rams taking OT Jake Long.

Glenn Dorsey's name keeps popping up at a few mock drafts next to the Rams number two pick. This mock, at NFL Draft Countdown, has the Rams taking Dorsey noting the possibility to build the defensive line...not a bad thing considering the Super Bowl we just watched. Most interesting point made here lends support to the notion of trading down:

This is a tough spot for the Rams since the value on the board does not necessarily match their greatest needs but at this point defensive line looks like the best option.

There's a case to be made for trading down, if the offer's right.

Back tomorrow with the promised WR position review.