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Super Bowl XLII: Open Thread

Outside of the Rams '99 win, my fondest Super Bowl memory came in Super Bowl XXXVII, when Tampa Bay won it. I had no vested interest in either team. Young, single, I had money to throw away and bought some of those squares betting on the score at various points in the game. Total chance. I hit it big. $250, which all things being relative, gave a young, single guy a fistful of extra cash for whatever now worthless luxury I've since turned it into. On top of it all, I was tending bar that night, where one of the local drunks was a Tampa Bay fan. A jolly drunk on a winning streak makes friends fast, none more so than the humble servant behind the bar.

What to make of the tape thing? Maybe it's because I'm a baseball fan too, but I'm bored with beating scandals to death. Seems kind of silly when you take a minute to think about wars, recession...and another year of Scott Linehan. The past is past. We can right our own wrongs. And, if your patient, the universe usually rights them too. The Rams do play the Patriots next year...

I, however, like my justice swift and merciless. An invisible cosmic iteration of William Holden and Ben Johnson and Ernest Borgnine, swift horseflesh underneath, guns red with wrath...

To that end,
Giants 24
Patriots 21

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