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Rams free agent news

As chosen1 mention in the comments below, the Rams are one of three teams that have contacted G Alan Faneca to set up a visit. The Jets and Niners are the other two team. It may be too late. According to ESPN's Hashmarks blog, the Jets will sign him "unless something strange happens." Doesn't mean it's a done deal, but it does mean that the Rams should, in my humble opinion, start talking to free agent guards Hadnot and Bell, as discussed in this post. Both players are 26; Faneca is 31.

Money-wise, the Hasmarks link above says Faneca can expect about $17 million in bonuses. The Dolphins signed SF G Justin Smiley toa 5 year, $25 million deal with $9 million in guaranteed money. I'd suspect Bell and Hadnot can expect deals somewhere in that neighborhood, which makes them a decent bargain in what figures to be an insane free agent market.

Todd Collins, whom the Rams new OC Al Saunders was reportedly interested in, has resigned with the Redskins for a 3 year, $9 million deal.