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Rams cut Isaac Bruce

Isaac Bruce has been cut.

Unfortunately, that's just part of the cold, hard facts of life under the salary cap. The Rams have to get better, and the team felt that the $5 million for Bruce this season could be better used to address other needs. That's probably true, but it's hard to see the face of the team on his way out.

The Rams did offer him a $3 million deal, according to the PD, which was essentially his base salary without a $2 million roster bonus. Bruce turned it down. I'll be interested to see what he's offered to play elsewhere.

Frerotte's cut too, as expected, and the same PD article says the Rams will pursue Todd Collins as their backup QB.

I was a little surprised to see James Hall's name mentioned as a possible cap casualty. Nothing's been done yet, but it sounds like that could still happen since he's owed $3.5 million in base salary. Bruce, on the other hand, was due his roster bonus if the team still had him on the roster when the free agency period begins tonight. If they do cut Hall, I suspect they're going to pursue a DE via free agency or the draft, with the draft being the more likely option when you weigh the costs versus the talent available via free agency and with the second overall pick in the draft.