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More Vilma trade speculation

Here's a little more insight into the Jonathan Vilma trade possibilities.

It's official; the Jets have agreed to let Vilma go looking for a new home. According to sources cited in the article, many believe the Jets could get a 3rd round pick for the speedy middle linebacker, possibly higher depending on his health.

The Rams have the second pick in the third round (65th overall) which is valued at 265 points. Plugging that info into the trade scenario we discussed yesterday:
Rams give #2 pick, 2600 points
Jets #6 pick, 1600 points
Vilma, roughly 265 points (based on the idea that his trade value is a 3rd round pick)

Do the math and you see a points difference of 735 points in favor of the Jets. It's possible that the Jets could throw in a later pick to shore up the points; it's just as possible that they could call it even, especially if Vilma's healthy. This all assumes there's interest in Rams/Jets trade.

I don't like the idea of letting Brandon Chillar go, but I think I could live with it were Vilma to be his replacement. Vilma's quarterbacked the Jets defense, back in its 4-3 days, and he profiles an awful lot like Will Witherspoon, size, speed, etc. The talk that Vilma doesn't fit into the Jets' 3-4 plans makes me wonder if he's a good fit for a team looking to go to the 3-4. That said, I don't understand why he wouldn't work out the way Witherspoon did in the 3-4, where he finally got to use more of his abilities than he typically does as a MLB.

One more quick note on depth, with Chillar likely to go via free agency and Pisa constantly injured the last two seasons, the Rams will have to get a starting LB somewhere, free agency or draft or trade.

(Pisa's just 26, so maybe he can get healthy again this season. The Rams certainly seem to be counting on it.)