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Vernon, know what I mean...

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The combine starts this week, and I suspect by this time next week we'll have lots more insight into the Rams plans for the draft...maybe.

The general consensus emerging among the chattering classes is that the Rams will either go for Michigan OT Jake Long, Virgina DE Chris Long or LSU DTs Dorsey and Ellis. Any of those guys are good picks, and should be able to contribute right away. Jake Long is the only one who might have to worry about playing time early on with Pace healthy. Barron is the current starter who'll feel the heat with Jake Long in blue and gold.

However, emerging consensus doesn't constitute any kind of absolute. There's one play who the more I read about him, the more intrigued I am at what he could bring to the Rams. Vernon Gholston is something of a hybrid, a DE/OLB. Currently, he's considered the second best DE prospect in the draft, after Chris Long. He wouldn't be out of place in 3-4 or 4-3, whichever becomes (or stays) the Rams base defense this season.
s Larry Kirwan has some nice things to say about him. A strong showing at the combine could make Gholston a top pick; right now, he'd be a stretch at #2...especially if Chris Long were on the board still. According to this USA Today article, Gholston can bench 450+ and figures to impress at this week's big event. The same article notes that Chris Long, if he displays the right attributes, could be a good linebacker himself, a la Mike Vrabel and Terrell Suggs, impressive company.

Here's some refreshing talk about what Billy Devaney figures to bring to the Rams, from the same Kirwan article linked above:

Devaney will give the Rams a team atmosphere and one common purpose heading into the business season.

Such a simple thing, but exactly what we need.