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Somebody's watching - and taping - me!

If a former player can sue the coach and owner of a team that allegedly cheated him out of a title, can fans sue the coach/ownership of a 1 or 2 or 3 win team they bought tickets to watch? Might help a sagging economy, like this Chappelle skit proposed.

I'm not a lawyer or an economist, but I think any legal precedent establishing that fans could indeed sue for lost hopes would make St. Louis one of the wealthiest cities in the country.

Cleveland would of course be the new Paris.

Spygate, a subject of which I'm starting to tire, hinges on a quirk of the league's rules; rules that make signal stealing legal only to a point. This is an interesting article that drills down to the heart of the Spygate case. Like another scandal plaguing pro sports lately, this one promises to be filled with nuance and next to impossible to prove decisively right or wrong.

Of course, unlike that other scandal, the courts, not the media or a politically motivated Congress (who have sought to intervene nonetheless) investigation could reveal much, except demonstrating that the taping actually helped the Patriots win the game. For that, the league might have needed those tapes that were apparently trapped in the same flammable case that the CIA used to store its interrogation tapes.

I suspect that Marshall Faulk presciently predicts what will eventually happen to the whole thing: it goes nowhere.

The best follow-up from scandal news out there right now? Michael Vick's dogs are getting a second chance. Animal lovers won't want to miss the slide show.