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Changes run deep

Hiring Billy Devaney would seem to indicate that the Rams leadership is committed to making the needed changes and additions to improve the team. They'd better be committed to something slightly more rewarding than a 3 win season if they expect to generate any revenue in the seasons ahead.

I don't know much about Devaney. Like most, I turned to the punditry and noticed that the move was being applauded. Good enough for We'll see how the draft and free agency period unfolds for the Rams before rendering a final verdict.

Rotoworld made this approving remark in their brief analysis:

"it's still a positive sign for the Rams. Their scouting department and football side of the front office is among the thinnest in the league."

That's nothing we didn't already know as fans, but it is very refreshing to see a change of course. And all it took was a 3-13 season.

Bernie Miklasz, never one to hold punches when pointing out the Rams bumbling ways recently, at the PD points to the move as part of the team's hopeful turnaround.

And now Devaney is on the way, and this is a good move by the Rams. Devaney has a strong background, has served multiple winning organizations and is respected around the league.

Jokingly, I noted that all it took was a 3-13 season to get things moving down the right path. Be happy though there was a serious commitment to improve. It would have been just as easy for the team to point to the injuries and the superstars remaining on the roster in the belief that things will be fine next season...just a free agent and draft pick tweak away. Instead, they stepped up and made structural changes that will improve the franchise through the future and not just for a one season shot at 9 wins.