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Big day for Rams linebackers

I can't gin up many positive predictions for today's game, but there is one potential bright spot worth mentioning: the Rams middle linebackers versus a struggling Arizona running game. 

The rays of hope glimmering from the pre-game notes start with the return of Chris Draft. The Rams have sorely missed Draft's toughness, and when we last saw Draft, against the Cardinals in week 9, he was playing on the outside. Since then, Haslett experienced a foxhole conversion and came to the realization that Witherspoon's rightful spot is on the outside. Spoon played in the middle last week, spelling rookie David Vobora on 3rd downs and red zone stands, but he'll be shifting over this week. 

And, let's not ignore Vobora either. He played well enough last week to earn more playing time, giving the Rams a much needed infusion of solid play at LB. That helped keep Miami from running with the ease of previous Rams' opponents. 

None of this is to say that the Rams suddenly have an impenetrable rock wall in the middle of their defense, but Draft's return, Spoon's move, and Vobora's ability to contribute do bode well for one important aspect of today's game.

Oh, and Chris Chamberlain will get some playing time on defense today. CC showed skills in coverage through training camp and the preseason this year, so getting a chance to test his wares against one of the league's top passing attacks should be a real trial by fire, may favorite kind.