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Are the Rams finished with Alex Barron?

If you're keeping score at home, Rams right tackle Alex Barron added another chapter to his saga of disappointment. According to the Post-Dispatch, he will ride the pine today, with Adam Goldberg starting in his stead, for showing up late to a team meeting. That would explain Goldberg getting the first team reps in practice on Friday.

The odds of him remaining a Ram for the 2009 season got much slimmer. Adios. The Rams, as talent barren as they are, can't afford to keep half-effort type guys on the roster, and Barron's career can only be summed up by missed expectations, missed by a mile.

Will he stay benched? If he does play again this season, how will he respond to the benching? That's partly up to Adam Goldberg, but we could start getting some answers about next year's offensive line.