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No big iron on Haslett's hip

Jim Haslett will kill you with his bare hands...or at least he would if you challenged him to duel. Fielding what must be mandatory questions about the Plaxico Burress situation the Rams head coach admitted his anti-gun leanings. 

Asked whether or not he kept a gat stuffed in his pants during his playing days, the Rams interim head coach said no and provided his thoughts on guns:

No, I never packed, I don’t even like guns. I kind of stay away from them. I teach my kids if there’s some in the house, you go to a family’s home and they got a gun that’s not in a locked case, then to get out of the house because I think they’re dangerous, I don’t think its right.

Of course, the only thing he might have had to protect himself from during his playing days with the Bills was Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

I'll have to say, for all their problems on the field - and there are many - the Rams have done a good job purging their players with off-field distractions. Imagine more Claude Terrell hi-jinx dotting the headlines in the days between 30-point blowout losses. People would really love the Rams then, no?


Finally, some housekeeping...I'm getting back into it today. Bad pennies and all that. 

Also, since the offseason is getting ever closer for the Rams, we're working on getting some unique content and features going over the offseason, since that's when, if the news gets better (can it get worse?), Rams fans will start paying attention to the team again. Anyway, I want to tap a few of our readers who are college football fans, from the savant level to the sunday morning QB, for some offseason roundtables on the subject. If this sounds like something you'd dig, send me an email, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the envelope icon next to my user name.