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Devaney adding big names to his coach search team

New Rams GM Billy Devaney is not messing around on the coaching interviews. Joining him in the preliminary interviews will be Bobby Beathard, the former Redskins and Chargers GM who gave Devaney his first NFL job in 1979, and Rams personnel director and lifelong Ram Lawrence McCutcheon. Serving as advisers to the process, none other than St. Louis football legends Dan Dierdorf and Marshall Faulk. With Beathard considered a legend among personnel guys and the rest of Devaney's interview team, the Rams search for a new coach should go a long way toward erasing memories of the last Zymunt/Shaw-led debacle.

Speaking of Shaw - here's looming cloud over the process - Shaw will be involved in the final interviews, as will owners Chip Rosenbloom, Lucia Rodriguez and Stan Kroenke. I'm not as worried about the presence of Shaw this time around, as Rosenbloom has entrusted Devaney with the franchise's new direction and won't be overly willing to compromise that.