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Rams seek permission to talk to Spagnuolo

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The flood gates are open for speculation about who'll be the Rams next head coach. First came the Rex Ryan news yesterday, and last night the PD reported that the Rams have asked for and received permission to interview Green Bay assistant head coach-linebackers coach Winston Moss. Note that both of those guys come from the defensive side of the ball, in line with the Rams stated preference for hiring a "defensive guy" for head coach.

Perhaps jsut as interesting are the names that the Rams have not contacted, at least not yet. While everyone else lines up conversations with Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and his Titans counterpart Jim Schwartz, the Rams, as far as we know, have not made overtures in their direction. Ah, but wait. The NY Daily News reports that the Rams are expected to make a request to talk to Spagnuolo by the end of the day. The request to speak with Schwartz will doubtlessly come soon too; there are plenty of legit reports that have the Lambs interested. Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is also expected to be in the mix. Stay tuned.