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Rex Ryan to the Rams?

Adam Schefter, in a blog post at, cites league sources who think that Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is the favorite to land the Rams head coaching gig for 2009.

With the Falcons, Rams new GM Billy Devaney interviewed Ryan and Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for the head coaching job before settling on Mike Smith. Those connections could be the key to filling the Rams de facto coaching vacancy.

Schefter's take on Ryan:

Ryan is the type of coach that could help turn around this franchise, and he would not command the type of salary that a Bill Cowher or a higher-profile head coach would.

Here's an interesting thought from Mike Preston at the Baltimore Sun (they still have a newspaper there?):

But Ryan's departure would have a huge impact. He is loved by the defensive players, and they would love to leave Baltimore to follow Ryan wherever he would go. Right now, Ryan is the only coach on the staff who can somewhat keep those defensive players in line.

More than Xs and Os, that's exactly what the Rams need, a leader that squeezes every last drop of talent and effort out of a team that has become ascustomed to losing. No more head scratchers like wondering yesterday where this Rams team was all season.

We'll know more soon, as teams start filing requests to interview candidates.