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Burn the petition

This petition business gets even more laughable to me in the wake of yesterday's game. The Rams played to their ability, doing the things they're well-compensated to do, and simply lost to a better team. No shame in that. But reading a few notes around the internet citing the players giving their for Haslett all on the heels of this ridiculous petition takes away some of the luster from yesterday's game. As I said yesterday, the time for this "O Captain! My Captain!" business was week eight, not week seventeen.

Nothing against Haslett, but what exactly do you think would happen if the front office rewards this kind of play by giving any merit to the players' petition.

Another question. How many games would the Rams have won if they'd played like that throughout the season? I'd say 7 or 8, but we wouldn't get the luxury of another high draft pick.