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Rams players opt for petition rather than wins to support Haslett

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Insurrection in the Rams locker room? It's not exactly the Potemkin, but the PD is reporting that Rams players have drafted and are passing around a petition asking owner Chip Rosenbloom to hang on to interim head coach Jim Haslett. 

Haslett's reputation as a "players coach" is known and several players have openly expressed their preference for their interim to remain beyond this disastrous season.

But it's good for (Haslett) to know that we've got his back. All 53 players may not agree with it, but I think the vast majority wants this to happen.

Too bad for Haslett that his players decided to show their support with a petition rather than winning games. After blowing leads and eventually losing games against the Seahawks and 49ers, not exactly powerhouses themselves in '08, the players' endorsement might just be the kiss of death. On top of that, a good 40% of this roster will turnover between this season and next, which kind of undercuts the petition's already shaky statement. 


Uh oh, beware the Martz revisionists. Word out of San Francisco (well, Sacramento actually) is that interim head coach Mike Singletary will remain as head coach and offensive coordinator Mike Martz will be sent packing...after just one season by the Bay. 

In all seriousness though, Martz is a good OC, but needs a head coach that makes it perfectly clear where the buck stops. All the best to him. And don't worry, the call-in shows will fill with fans who've lost the bad taste he left and start putting him with the Rams again. Won't happen. Besides, new GM Billy Devaney is clear that he wants the Rams to be a power running team with strong o-line clearing the way for RB Steven Jackson. 


Speaking of Jackson, his quest for a fourth 1,000 yard rushing season goes down to the wire today against the Falcons. He needs 119 to reach the magic number. Last week the Falcons gave up 155 total yards rushing to the Vikings, including 76 apiece for RB Adrian Peterson (22 carries) and QB Tarvaris Jackson (8 carries). That doesn't bode well, but the Vikings were in a 10 point hole at the half and did a lot less running in the second half