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Rams one loss away from second overall pick

For the Rams at this point in the season, tomorrow's game is nothing more than a requirement, an anti-climatic one at that. 2008 was a lost cause before most of us even knew it, before the final whistles of training camp.

A loss to the Falcons, in Atlanta, to close out the season doesn't lock up the second overall draft pick, for the second year in a row, for the Rams. Right now, they'd have to flip for the pick with the Chiefs...oh cruel fate. However, the Chiefs play the Bengals this week, a team they should be able to beat and are favored to by 3 points. The Falcons are a two touchdown favorite. Why is the second overall pick better than the third, besides the obvious literary significance of fate sticking one more needle in the eye of the Ram? Leverage man, leverage. Detroit would almost certainly take QB Matt Stafford (but it is Detroit, so expect anything) leaving the Rams in the catbird seat to take whatever OT that meets their needs, Andre Smith probably, or dangle the pick to some other team itching to add Michael Crabtree or someone else. (It'd be great to see the Rams take Crabtree, but they can't justify passing on an OT). 

For a team that dropped their own soap for two weeks in a row against the 49ers and the Seahawks, losing to the Falcons and potential MVP Michael Turner should be no problem. The Rams have the second worst rush defense DVOA, 22.1%. Lest you think the Falcons need Turner exclusively, don't overlook their top ranked pass offense DVOA of 40.6%. 

We'll have plenty to talk about once the season finally plays out, roster changes, coaching changes, draft picks, etc.