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San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams, week 16 game thread

St. Louis Rams (2-12) WEEK 16 San Francisco 49ers (5-9)
Photobucket VS. Photobucket
Date: Dec. 21, 2008 Location: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1 p.m. ET
Stadium: Ed Jones Dome
TV: FOX Favorite: San Fran, +5
Weather: Only the welcome's frigid in the Dome. SBN Cardinals: Niners Nation

I feel like I'm running out of things to say...the Rams games this season are starting to run together, and watching them at this point is more an exercise in judging the set up for 2009.

There are still a couple of plots for these last two games to pay attention to. First, Jim Haslett's future with the Rams. Win 'em or lose 'em, Haslett's nothing more than just another candidate at this point. Though there's nothing to make us believe it's possible, if the Rams do pull it together for these last two games, it might have some positive impact on Haslett's future. One more thought on that. The players seem to favor Haslett and he's got a rep as a "player's coach," is that a good thing for this bunch of lollygaggers? I think they need someone who draws a firm, no, immovable line for player accountability.

The second major plot threading through the Rams already unraveled season, which name players stay or go. With names like Holt, Pace, and Little potentially on the chopping block, these games will have some impact on their future, even if it means increasing their trade value. For example, suppose Torry Holt plays like the Torry Holt of old, could that make it easier to trade him for a draft pick? Maybe. He'd be a great second or third receiver for a competitive team at this stage of his career.

Finally, though this is a minor plot relative to the others, Steven Jackson's quest for 1,000 yards. It's unlikely he makes it, but if he does at least it would quiet some of the "overrated" talk, because getting 1,000 yards rushing through 12 games behind this sad sack bunch of blockers in the middle of this sputtering offense would be sort of impressive.

That's it.

Go Rams!