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Chasing the big fish in free agency

This is pure fantasy, message board GM type stuff, but since thoughts of seasons to come are about all that's left to talk about in regards to the Rams I'm going to mention it anyway.

With his selection to the Pro Bowl (as well as already having played more than 53% of the snaps, Titans husky DT Albert Haynesworth has triggered a clause in his contract that prevents the Titans from using the franchise tag to retain him next season. This means the Titans have to hammer out a contract with Haynesworth or he becomes the most anticipated free agent in a long time. 

I think you know where I'm going with this.

I'd say that the chances are the Titans lock him up, but to do that, they'd have to pay market rate and the market for Haynesworth figures to pay the man lots and lots of money. Suppose they don't, suppose the Rams can throw themselves into the bidding. Landing a DT that's mandated to draw double blockers would instantly upgrade the Rams defense to a level we haven't seen in a long, long time. Haynesworth in the middle would free up Carriker to play a role more suited to his skill set and Chris Long and the DEs would be freed up to more damage from the edges.

The disadvantage for the Rams would be the financial commitment, taking away precious resources for all the other places the roster needs an upgrade, on top of the hefty salary the Rams will have to pay a top three draft pick. He'd also have to want to play in St. Louis, which figures to be a tough sell. There's also the injury risks associated with a big guy like Haynesworth, who is already nursing an knee injury. But's hard not to be giddy thinking of the possibilities.