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Rams coach watch: Could Schwartz follow Reese?

I had one quick thought on the Rams head coach search. I've tossed out Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for my wish list candidate, even citing the fact that Billy Devaney once interviewed him for the job in Atlanta.

However, something occurred to me this morning as I talked to the office Titans fan at the water cooler. Former Titans GM Floyd Reese is being considered or considering jobs with the Chiefs, the Browns, and the Lions. This is significant because Reese was GM'ing with the Titans when Schwartz was hired in 2001, and it's not a stretch of the imagination to think that Reese might be able to convince Schwartz to join him in wherever he lands. Another factor to remember, is that Reese is likely to be installed somewhere by the time the Titans wrap up their pending playoff run (however far ti takes them) when Schwartz would start officially talking to teams about a head coaching job.

All of this could make the Rams an even longer shot to land Schwartz as their head coach.