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Who will Belichick video tape this year?

Chalk up another one for cosmic justice. I saw this headline when I logged in to check the old email at Yahoo! today:

Patriots can miss playoffs with 11-5 record

Awesome. I can't think a team more worthy of missing the playoffs with an 11-5 record, if they actually do get to 11-5. Bill Belichick can watch from the Super Bowl from the stands like every other schmuck who ponies up the big money for a ticket. Bring your own video camera!

The Pats play Arizona in New England this weekend. They're favored over Big Red by 7.5 points, but I don't think it'll be quite that easy with the Patriots pass defense among the league's worst...even the Rams have a better DVOA than NE for pass defense! They'll play at Buffalo to end the regular season. The Jets and Dolphins have an easier row to hoe, with games against the Seahawks and Chiefs, respectively, this week, before meeting each other in the final week of the season for what could be a helluva game.