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Random Ramsdom, 12/17: Haslett a coaching candidate for '09

Some news items of interest...

  • Haslett's in the mix, but the Rams will still conduct a "broad" search for their next head coach, according to the PD. That's not a startling revelation. It's been an open secret of sorts that Haslett's future was under consideration in all the back and forth about six more, then two more win, then strongly suggesting two mroe wins. The Rooney Rule guaranteed a coach search, but this is the first indication we've had that the Rams will start from square one. Don't forget, Billy Devaney has interviewed Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for the coaching gig in Atlanta.
  • Billy Devaney, who'll become something of the Rams GM in all but his title, will head the search for a new coach. As Brian Burwell points out in his PD column, the real good news here is that "football people" will do the coach search, and not the suits, as has been Rams tradition for some time. 
  • The same article also reiterates the likelihood that Jay Zygmunt will resign and John Shaw's role will be reduced to that of an adviser to Rosenbloom. (Shaw was an old family ally from when Georgie inherited the team.
  • PD beat reporter Jim Thomas speculated on an interesting twist in the coaching ranks if Haslett does return: "Let me just put it this way: If Haslett's back, I wouldn't be surprised to see a new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, and new special teams coach." Interesting, very interesting.
  • Torry Holt considered one of the top fantasy busts of the season. Surprised not to see Steven Jackson's name on that list.