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Brush with Greatness?

Did Jim Haslett give TST a shout out, sort of, today? Haslett told what had to be a small group of interested journos (and they have to be there) today that he's doing his best to bottle up the job talk and stay focused on the next two games, which are sure to be firecrackers. 

Among those he's opting to ignore:

The speculation and the newspaper articles, all the Internet stuff, I’m going to leave that up to you guys. Really, I’m just really going to try to take care of business and try to give our team the best chance of winning games. That’s all I can do.

The internet, eh? It's thin, but we're going to throw ourselves in on the "Internet stuff." Cheers to you. Chastened, cynical, yet still interested, your voices have been heard! 

"Internet stuff."