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NFC West really is NFC Worst

I know it's hard to believe after watching (or at least hearing about) a game between two 2-11 powerhouses that featured four turnovers, eleven penalties, and just five total trips to the red zone, but the NFC West of 2008 might be the worst division...ever.

The Arizona Cardinals big game yesterday cemented questions about their playoff fitness. The last time the Cardinals topped an opponent over .500 was their week six win over the Cowboys, who were 4-1 at the time. The Rams beat the Cowboys the next week for their second win of the season.

A post at the Pro-Football Reference blog points out the futility of the NFC West this season, nothing that the division's combined inter-divsion record is a measly 8-26...the Cardinals (3) and the Rams (2) have five of those inter-division wins. Right now, that 23.5% inter-division win percentage is the worst division "in post-merger NFL history."

If the playoffs started today, the Cardinals would play the Cowboys; anyone think they'd pull it off?

Ok, that's your moment of history slash schadenfreude for the day.