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Speculating on the Rams next head coach

It's probably irresponsible to even comment on this, but it figures to be a topic of much speculation and debate in the coming months. Yesterday, I declared some intrigue at the possibility of Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz being a candidate to coach the Rams. 

Anyway, check out this nugget from the Rams beat reporter Jim Thomas' chat at the Post-Dispatch yesterday:

As for potential coaches, I could throw out the expected names, but I'm not sure if any or [sic] legit. For what it's worth, I'll throw this one out, the Falcons did interview Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz when Devaney was there.

Which makes another of Thomas' statements worth mentioning. 

Nothing official, but it looks like Billy Devaney will have a lot of say in any coaching job search.

Ok, remember, there's nothing to this, just passing thoughts that I think are worth mentioning.