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Rams making more late season changes

More lineup changes...15 weeks into the season. This time its the defense's wise old owl FS Corey Chavous who'll sit on the bench while Todd Johnson gets the start. My only question with the move is why didn't it happen sooner? Chavous struggled with coverage and showed his age last season. Ideally, they would have made the switch in training camp or the preseason, using that time to get Johnson his reps with the defense. This is the kind of decision making that's killing the Rams, giving them a team in such desperate need of talent. Nothing against Chavous, he's one of the classiest guys in the league, but you can't break up passes with class alone.

Tye Hill...Tye Hill. Given how he played in the early going this season, it's probably best he never came back. It would have ruined his confidence. Talk about frustrating though. We've seen talent from this guy, but mostly we've seen him injured. The Rams need CBs for next season which makes it impossible to throw in the towel on Hill. Counting on him as a starter, though, wouldn't be prudent.

Wow. You know the economy's bad when the NFL, a profitable enough operation that small market teams are valued at close to a billion dollars, has to lay off employees.