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Left for dead: Rams lose an ugly one

There's no point rehashing it all now. Go enjoy the rest of the day.

I do want to ask you this, in all seriousness. What do the Rams need to do to get through the rest of the season? 

Bench Bulger, start Green? I think they might have to, just to keep him healthy. Would you really be upset if they traded him, for whatever they can get, and signed a FA guy to fill in while a draftee learns the ropes?

Make changes on the line? What changes? Honestly, Alex Barron might be our best lineman right now. 

What about the defense? The front needs help, linebackers too. And, you know - I'm angry now so weight this statement accordingly, does Carriker look like a first round draft pick this season? I can't say that I'm particularly impressed with the guy through two seasons... 

FIVE TURNOVERS!!! And the Jets made the most of them too. The team with one of the highest sack rates in the league didn't even need to make the sacks thanks in large part to the turnovers. 

I was going to add a poll to this post, but what's the question? There's too damn many for one poll. The Rams have to take a long look in the mirror this week, with seven games left to go. Watching this, we look like the winless team. Haslett's got his work cut out for him.