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Line for line: matchup up the Rams o-line with the Jets d-line

There's going to be plenty of talk about the Rams defense vs. Brett Favre. It's a concern, no doubt. Me, I can't stop thinking about the Rams offense, that schizophrenic beast that can push out 300 passing yards one week and look absolutely futile the next. 

They have a tough test, a real tough test, against the Jets tomorrow. The Jets have a fearsome run defense and pass defense that would be the envy of any NFC West team and many others. 

NT Kris Jenkins vs. LG Jacob Bell, C Nick Leckey, RG Righie Incognito

The Rams interior o-line has been much maligned this season, for good reason. They have been consistently breached, allowing offenses to sack and pressure QB Marc Bulger and stuff many of the Rams rushes up the middle. If ever there was a chance for the interior of the Rams line to redeem their sullied reputation, this is it. Double threat Jenkins stuffs the run and ties up two blockers to allow Jets rushers like DE Shaun Ellis and OLB Calvin Pace to swoop in for the sack. Jenkins is a big part of the reason the Jets have the third best pass rush and a top ten rushing defense.

Leckey spoke to the Belleville News Democrat about studying the film and making sure their technique is considered and flawless to limit the damage Jenkins can bring. Looking for a silver lining, look no further than the Rams performance against a very similar player, Buffalo's NT Marcus Stroud. Though the Rams lost an ugly one in Linehan's last outing, Steven Jackson ran for more than 100 yards, and scored a TD on a 29-yard run through the left guard, a spot where the Rams had some success in the early going that day. Now, the Bills' total package isn't as mighty a task as the Jets defense, but the Rams linemen were able to limit the damage Stroud did that day. There is at least hope. WR Donnie Avery also had a rushing TD on the left side as the Rams took a 14-6 lead into the half. 

This matchup will be a tough test for the Rams offense. To me, the Jets D most resembles the Giants, and we all remember that day. If the line doesn't play physical, airtight, and mistake free football, well, you might want to check your local times and listings for something else to watch.