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Steven Jackson will not play against the Jets

From where I'm sitting, I can see the drab gray skies and dull mattes of a passing fall. Bleak.

Which is exactly how I feel now after reading the news that Steven Jackson did not practice today, and, if Haslett sticks to his diktat, won't play against the Jets on Sunday. 

Making the day drearier, is this, from Bill Coats at the PD:

And don’t be surprised if Jackson’s strained thigh muscle keeps him sidelined for another week or two.

Ugh. Oh well. Like I said, I'd much rather have him sit than risk further injury, putting next season in jeopardy.

Jackson discussed the week that was the upcoming game against the Jets on his weekly radio show this Tuesday. It's a pretty interesting conversation, so give it a listen over on Jackson's website.