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Rams interested in DeAngelo Hall?

Is it just me, or does this seem to be the year of in-season purges in the NFL?

Periennially in crisis, the Oakland Raiders released CB DeAngelo Hall, a guy they gave up a second round pick for earlier this year. Hall, a former Pro Bowl CB, has not been at all awful with the Raiders, racking up 48 tackles, half a sack and 3 INTs. He has been burned in coverage though, see Jenkins, Michael, week 9.

It was rumored yesterday that the Rams are one of several teams interested in adding Hall to the roster. If a team puts in a claim for him before he clears waivers, they're on the hook for $16 million in guaranteed money next season. If teams wait until he clears waivers, assuming he does, his services will certainly command an lively auction.

Hall, 24, has maintained his health through five seasons nad has been a turnover machine. However, he did himself any favors in parting ways with the Falcons.

Fans, weigh in here. There are good arguments pro and con for the Rams adding Hall. Some questions to get the talk started: 1) Does it make sense for the Rams, who are essentially rebuilding, to add a corner halfway through the season with no chance of winning the division or wild card? 2) Tye Hill and Jonathan Wade are the only CBs the Rams have under contract for 2009, should they add a guy like Hall? 3) Do you think Hall's overrated? 4) Would Hall put the Rams close enough to a division title in 2009 to matter?