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Week 13: Rams vs Miami Dolphins, open thread

Another week, another rant about the Rams lines. I'm starting to at least find comfort in the steadiness of the theme.

But let's throw that aside; make it a standing assumption - sort of like accounting for the throngs of opposing fans at the Dome.

The Dolphins are a fine team, already with six more wins than they totaled last season, and one that we hopefully see as a future vision of our own hapless Rams. A cleaned out and ideologically committed front office, sensible and impactful personnel moves, fans again enjoying the distraction of weekly happened to them and with the right course, it'll happen to us.

That said, wouldn't there be something entirely appropriate in beating the Dolphins today? A statement of impending change. Not an easy task, but here are a couple of personal, uniformed observations linked to the possibility.

  1. Run the ball, no matter how futile it seems - and each Rams offensive possession carries a high amount of futility nowadays anyway - commit to the run with a healthy Steven Jackson. Jackson has the ability to break off a good run, where other backs wouldn't get more than a yard or two. That forces the Dolphins to respect the run, thus opening the opportunity for the Rams to inflict damage through the air, a Miami weakspot.
  2. Slow the game, feel the ball, be the ball. The defense can't get beat with reverses and the Wildcat formation. If the Rams defenders can flow to the ball, they can at least stem some of the bleeding. Being in the right position obviously helps.
  3. I said it last week and I'll say it again this week, respond well to adversity. The Dolphins are going to score and will probably get a lead over the Rams at some point in the first half. Whether that leads stays within a 7-10 point margin (no small gap for the Rams I realize) or another 30 point laugher is up to the players. Prevent more of the same, and it's already something of a victory.

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