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Should the Rams think center in the draft?

At the water cooler today...

"Two losses and you're back to the '09 draft?"

"Well, it's not like that, it's like, well, maybe, but gotta start thinking about the future, right?"

On the defensive. Oh well. All this talk about needs on the o-line sent me to the 2009 NFL draft analysis. Lo nad behold, there's a center projected to go in the first round, later in the first round - Cal's Alex Mack.

Check out this summary from

An outstanding center prospect, and most of his weaknesses are correctable...Will get criticized for not being a great athlete, but what center in the NFL is? ... Best center prospect in a very long time and will carry a higher grade than Nick Mangold ... Lack of value and demand at the center position could drop him to the second round, but he should carry a first-round grade.

At 6'5" 316 lbs, Mack's bigger than Leckey or Romberg and comparisons to Nick Mangold, well, that says a lot, doesn't it?

Here's the catch with Mack, the Rams will likely have a higher draft pick than the early 20s where Mack could go. To get him, they'd most certainly have to trade, either a higher pick or a current player. The only thing about a high pick is that there are some top flight OTs again, something the Rams need to. Either way, something to think about. The nice thing about drafting top tier linemen is the impact they can have right away, not always, but more so than most positions.

There are other centers in the draft and jewels at that position are often found on late. Still, thoughts of a line with a once-in-a-blue-moon type talent at C ought to keep us warm over the long winter.