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Rams make evaluation theme for the stretch

You want rookies, you got 'em. Blow out after blow out, the Rams have finally decided to start deriving some purpose out their remaining games by using the few rookies and less-experienced young guys not already playing...and most are already playing.

The news surfaced today that Rams LB David Vobora - who I'm mandated by higher authorities to remind you, yet again is Mr Irrelevant - will get the start in the middle with the Rams outside-linebacker-curiously-starting-in-the-middle Will Witherspoon nursing two beat up shoulders. Witherspoon will play still in two-minute and third down situations. Vobora even gets to wear the radio. Fellow seventh-round pick LB Chris Chamberlain will play too. 

Also getting some time this week, rookie OL John Greco. The configuration of the interior line is still up in the air. At issue is how to replace C Nick Leckey, a player far from being irreplaceable himself. Haslett left open the possibility of sliding Incognito over to C and putting Greco at RG. It's obvious Haslett and Co don't think Brett Romberg automatically gives the Rams their best chance at winning after a mediocre outing in Leckey's stead last week. I'm surprised  there's not more of a question around whether or not LG Jacob Bell will play after getting pulled for his less-than-stellar performance during the Bears game, but apparently he's in reading between the lines from Haslett's Monday presser (subscription required):

He [Incognito playing center] has done it before but we haven’t discussed it yet. He has played it and that would give us a pretty good interior with (G) Jacob (Bell) and John (T) John (Greco).

You may recognize similar comments having emerged at TST sometime ago. The last word: if it would be so damn good why is there a question?

TE Daniel Fells, who spent the last three seasons on various practice squads, has been practicing as a fullback, in place of the recently released Dan Kreider. Fells already seems to have surpassed TE Joe Klopfenstein on the depth chart. 

The Rams have committed to their youth; one way or another, the youngest players on the team are playing. The one exception seems to be 5th round draft choice OG Roy Schuening. He won't dress again this week. 

With the rookies at LB, you'll hear about "watching out for the Wildcat" ad naseum, already are. On a more simple level than the Wildcat, watch the overpursuit. That was the operative word for the Lions defense yesterday, as they found themselves fooled by even the most routine pump fake. The Rams have already made a mess out of gap assignments, but I haven't noticed the overpursuit to that extent. However, I could have easily missed it watching the Rams defensive line get gashed and plowed over.