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Injury watch: Steven Jackson to return?

Ah, ritual. Every week for the last three years it seems like we're asking whether or not the Rams will have key players or not for that week's game. This week, there are some biggies. 

QB Marc Bulger - He's set for a neuropsych test today, which will determine whether or not he'll practice and play this week. haven't we been here before? Oh yeah, last year. Anyway, if Bulger can't go, Trent Green will get the start, a decision sure to light up message boards and talk radio around the metro area.

RB Steven Jackson - He's been running in workouts this week, and will give it a shot in practice today. There's actually a decent chance Steven Jackson will play this week. The Dolphins have a pretty tough run defense.

LT Orlando Pace - The Rams are hopeful Pace will be back after suffering a knee injury against the 49ers. 

We'll keep an eye on the afternoon practice reports. Stay tuned.