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Leonard Little's sweet baadasssss song

None would dispute the claim that Rams DE Leonard Little is a player, neigh, a playa, a playa's playa.

But even the remaining handful of Rams partisans were shocked to learn the sackmaster's nuts are so steely that he doesn't even need his hamstring to play the game. That's the kind of dedication the Rams need more of.

But I also wondered if that doesn't hurt the team, a team that desperately needs better play from its d-line. Obviously it limits the number of snaps he sees, but he's still been able to get penetration and has a few near misses on QBs since tearing his hammy against the Pats. I think what's affecting Little's sack totals more than anything is the play in the middle of the defensive line.

Next question, what about Little's future with the Rams? I can't imagine the Rams parting ways with Little next season; they need dedicated players as much as any one positional need. If they can take steps to make the d-line better, i.e. add a husky DT in the middle, Little should be productive with limited duty. Offseason physicals will have much to say about the matter too.

Anyway, even without the numbers, Little's a bright spot for the Rams this season.