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Random Ramsdom, 11/25: Bulger has his third concussion

  • Following up on yesterday's post, it doesn't look good for Haslett's future in St. Louis. In a meeting with the owners this weekend, they laid out their expectations for the interim head coach: two wins. At this point, two wins might as well be five the way the Rams have played. In an unofficial poll here, the overwhelming majority of readers said that the Rams would not win another game this season. Of course, Haslett's departure sets up the question if not him, who?
  • RB Steven Jackson might help cause if he can return, though the team's rushing last week shouldn't inspire any confidence. He went through workouts Saturday and Monday and is expected to practice Wednesday.
  • Marc Bulger did in fact sustain a concussion this week, the third of his career. Maybe he returns this season, maybe he doesn't. Three concussions raises huge doubts about how much of a career he's got left. Insert comment about the Rams failing to protect their investment.
  • The Rams shut down C Nick Leckey who suffered a broken foot. I can't imagine him back in St. Louis next season.
  • Blockhead Richie Incognito got a stern talking to...and nothing else. He should be on the bench. The remaining Rams fans don't deserve this. Loaded with potential he's an effective lineman, but his penchant for penalties and some ugly missed assignments and constantly getting beat by professional defensive linemen puts him on the fringes of an everyday player. Don't forget which massive gap in the offensive line Bears DE Ogunleye came through on the play that ended with Bulger being sacked and leaving the game with (another) concussion. What does it take to get benched on this team? Even if you ignore the fan taunting incidents, Incognito's record this season should have him on the bench anyway. How much of this has to do with Haslett's two win mandate?
  • Don't forget the Dolphins Q and A.